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Pain In The Process

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

As we honor the legacy of MLK, it reminds me of how uncomfortable he and many civil rights leaders had to allow themselves to become for the sake of progress. From the moment he decided in his spirit to collaborate with others to begin to create a movement that would change the world for generations to come, he had to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. In fact, he and many others that joined him no matter what their ethnic, religious, or socioeconomic backgrounds were had to process the idea that what they were embarking on was going to be not only uncomfortable but down right painful and potentially deadly. Yet somehow, they gathered the courage and purpose within themselves to unify and proceed through this painful process in hopes that they would create a lasting change to set right the many wrongs of humanity. Interestingly, the theory of pain in the process reminds me of Genesis 3:16. God revealed to Eve that He was aware of her waywardness and described to her what one of the consequences of her actions would be. He said, " In pain you shall bring forth children." Children, like freedom and equality are beautiful in theory and in actuality. However, getting them here is indeed an uncomfortable, down right painful, and potentially deadly process. My friends, it is the same with starting a new business, taking on a new project, breaking glass ceilings, or embarking on a new path in life. It will involve getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. The vision of the end result is beautiful but the process of getting to that result can be uncomfortable, downright painful and definitely will be deadly to those unhealthy habits and ways of thinking that will present stumbling blocks to your ultimate goals. Where would we be if Eve decided not to have children? Where would we be without the legacy of the mindset and actions of MLK and our civil rights leaders? One thing we can take away from their sacrifice for humanity is that although there is pain in the process...have courage and believe in the purpose. Know who you are. Know what you stand for. Know that you are worth it.

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