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About Us

Our Core Values

 Faith-We have faith to believe that we are called to a service that is greater than ourselves.

Courage- We will operate in courage to accomplish goals and tasks that seem beyond our capabilities.

Integrity- We will act with integrity in all things by doing the right things the right way for others and the greater good.

Perseverance- We will persevere through tough situations and relationships by operating as a team.

Grace- We will show grace and kindness to all those we encounter.

Generosity- We let love and generosity lead the way we steward our resources and talents.

About the Founder

Bridgett Belsky is an Author, Certified Life Coach, Master Certified Professional Coach, and Motivational Speaker who holds a degree in Organizational Leadership. After serving at risk women and girls in different communities within the Midwest for over two decades, Bridgett founded the organization based on a need for women to have access to mentorship that creates generational impact in the areas of life that are needed most such as financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and self development.

Bridgett and her husband Jeremy have two spirited children named Brooke and Josiah. Bridgett passionately believes the only way she can accomplish leaving a lasting legacy in her family is through sharing the powerful lessons she has learned from her successes and failures and passing the knowledge of her faith down from generation to generation.

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