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The Thirst Is Real Pt.1

We know there is the traditional definition of thirsty which means to need or want something to drink. However, there is an urban definition of thirsty which means to be eager to get something or behave desperately. For the purpose of this blog we will use the second context of the word thirst. Please keep in mind that just because we are using the urban definition, doesn't mean that you have to be urban to relate. Suburban folks get thirsty too. In fact, people in general can experience this thing called thirst. Some examples of underlying causes of thirst can be needing to feel validated, seen, wanted, needed, loved, special, and included. We learned in Genesis chapter 21, Hagar was part of an enormous tight nit community/family. She played her role as a bondswoman to the best of her ability including being a surrogate mother for Sarah and Abraham upon their request. Then, when it was no longer convenient for them (partly because she was acting thirsty, being prideful, and scoffing Sarah), they cast her and her son Ishmael out of town like she had no value. They sent her packing as a single mother with nothing but bread and a canteen of water. After her resources were depleted, she was ready to give up and die of thirst in the wilderness of Beersheba with Ishmael. Because of her lack of faith and optimism, she was thirsty physically and spiritually. She was in such despair that she placed Ishmael under a shrub and turned her face so she wouldn't watch him die. Her heart posture went from bad to worse. She sat and cried. But, it was Ishmael's voice that caught the attention of God. That's when "God visited her and caused her to open her eyes and see the well that was before her". She was so distraught and depressed she couldn't see the blessing right before her eyes! The same well that Abraham dug years ago was still full of water. God's provision for her and Ishmael through their position to Abraham showed up for her in their greatest time of need. See, God had made a promise to Abraham as well as Hagar concerning Ishmael. God promised to make Ishmael a nation. Friends, God is not a promise breaker. Whatever God births in us, He will bring it to fruition. In fact, Philippians 1:6 says, " He who began a work in you will complete it". But our heart posture can take us on unforeseen detours. Keep your heart posture in check. Keep self awareness on an all time high. If you find your self feeling "thirsty", turn to the One who will give you Living Water so that you may get your fill and never thirst again. (John 4:14)


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