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We All Need A Reason To Rise

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Whether you consider yourself to have had a relatively uneventful life, consider yourself to have never caught a break in life, or are somewhere in-between, that doesn't change the fact that you were created by God and you have purpose. It is not something that is always clear to us and those around us, but it is crystal clear to our Maker. People will write you off and think they know how your story ends based on how it started. I want to bring to your attention the story of a young girl whose father Jairus was a ruler of the synagogue. You can read this short story for yourself in the Gospel of Matthew 9, Mark 5, or Luke 8. This young 12 year old girl fell sick and Jairus went to the One person he knew he could place his hope in (Our Healer Jesus Christ). When Jesus arrived at Jairus's house (slightly delayed according to people but yet on time because well you know...He's God and He' s The Healer and stopped to do so for others on the way), He arrived to see people weeping, wailing loudly, and playing mournful music on instruments. All their hope was gone. In their eyes it was over! They had written this girl's life off because that is all they knew to do. They, like many people only know and believe what they see with their physical eye (past mistakes, stumbles or tarnished reputations), because their spiritual eyes are blind. Jesus tried to tell them that the girl wasn't dead. Then they (like many people who think they know you) had the audacity to ridicule! Well Jesus wasn't having it (and He still isn't having it with those around you today). He immediately put all the nay-sayers and unbelievers out! He then (as Jesus always does with ultimate authority), walked over to the little girl and said to her, " little girl, I say to you rise." and that is exactly what she did. Why? Because God had purpose for her life! He was the reason for her to rise. That one encounter she had with Jesus ended up written in The Bible for generations to know of her testimony. Her story has helped to build the Kingdom of God! So friends, this is what I want you to take away from this today: Just because others have written you off or even if you have written yourself off doesn't mean God has written you off. Seek an encounter with God and ask Him to spark or renew your faith in why He has created you. Ask Him to show you your reason to rise. And then.... clear the space around you and RISE!

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Jan 08, 2021

Yes so good and powerful needed to hear this my heart

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