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What Condemnation?

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Even as a little girl, I was always a dreamer. When I say dreamer, I mean prophetic dreamer. Although it took me into adulthood to understand who I was in Christ, God continued to extend His grace and continued to give me dreams. Sometimes the dreams would make me aware of something happening in the moment but many times the dreams were about something that was yet to come and would not come for a long time. God wanted me to know that He had plans for me and no matter what horrible choices I made, it didn't take away His love for me or His desire to see me succeed in life and to be an intricate part of His Kingdom (Jeremiah 29:11). It was hard for me to believe that someone as pitiful, unlovable, and debaucherous as I had been in my life could be redeemed. I just about squandered every opportunity presented to me by Him to course correct my life. Eventually I was so spiritually anorexic from allowing the world to use me and suck everything out of me that I became desperate to be made whole. At rock bottom the dreams that God had given me came to my remembrance. One day I repented and began submitting myself unto the obedience of the Christ bit by bit, day by day, month by month, and year by year until His blessings bestowed upon me became clearly evident. This was because I was no longer sowing evil seeds through evil deeds but good seeds through honoring Him in my life. It took a while to be on the other side of reaping all that sin that I had sown. But eventually I was there. God had changed me. I knew that without a shadow of doubt I was changed, but not everyone else knew that. I had encountered too many people in my life. I had spiritually presented my self as Rahab before she helped Joshua take down Jericho to too many people. To some people, I was still the Samaritan woman before she arrived at the well. To other people, I was still the woman with the issue of blood before she touched the helm of His garment. In the eyes of many people, family included, I was still that girl who used to wear.......who use to say..... who had done.....who dated.....who didn't care about....! To them, there was no possible way that the spirit of the Lord was on my life and was ever going to raise me up to accomplish amazing things in His name. Well thank God my identity is not in who I was, but in who HE is! Thank God that when His mind is made up about who HE says we are there is nothing anyone can say or do about it. (Numbers 23:19) In the book of Genesis, Joseph's older brothers refused to believe that Joseph would hold the high position that God said he would hold in a dream given to Joseph until....well until he was holding that position. Even Jesus said that a prophet is without honor in his own town. So friends, don't be discouraged when others don't see your value and believe the change that God has placed in you right away. It takes time. And that is not the "why" behind your change anyway. That is just a distraction of the enemy that he has placed in your mind and is not what is ultimately important. It's not the position that you hold in the eyes of others that matters (that is pride- 1 John 2:16) but what you do in the actual position that God has placed you in within the Kingdom. That's where the refinement, growth, change, influence, and miracles happen. So be encouraged. And know: " that there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus."- Romans 8:1

As always, I pray that you prosper in all things including health as your soul prospers.- 3 John 1:2,


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